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One of the best free hex editors

Hex editors are interesting and useful little tools that a lot of people overlook. This is likely due to the fact that hex editors look very intimidation for beginners. All you see are numbers, letters, and symbols and that can be a bit daunting. However, hex editors have a lot of great uses such as being able to debug and edit files, figuring out file information among others. There are dozens of hex editors in the market out there, but among the free options, one stands out due to its versatility and flexibility. That hex editor is the XVI32 developed by Christian Maas. What does it have to offer that it’s being lauded as one of the best free programs for editing hexadecimals?

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  • by Anonymous

    Excellent Track and Sector Editor. XVI is a very useful Track and Sector editor. Open the file you are interested in. Then you can search for a string of hexidecimal characters or ASCII characters. You can change the hex or ascii to whatever you want to. If you keep the number of characters after making changes to the same number the program will still function but the displayed text will change. More

  • by Anonymous

    A neat simple functional app. A nice, neat simple little application with some handy features. I like to have it in my "Send To" right-click menu